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We're All Juiced Up at Healthy Habits!  Fresh, organic, made-to-order juices NOW AVAILABLE!

(scroll down for both our Kombucha On Tap Menu and our Made-To-Order, Organic Juice Menu!)

Cocktail Time with a fresh raw Kombucha on tap

Try something different with the crew and hit up our juice bar in Loves Park, Illinois. Our drinks are all made with fresh juice and deliver a healthy alternative to the traditional bar scene. We even have Kombucha on tap, for a detoxifying beverage that aids in digestion and energy.

Current Tapaut Kombucha flavors on tap for May 2017

Original is BACK IN!

NEW! - Cherry Cola

3 Root is BACK IN!  (brewed with dandelion, yellow dock and burdock)

Lychee-Peach is BACK IN!

Rooibos Strawberry (rooibos tea has no caffeine)

Medicine Wheel-Back East (HOT! brewed with Cayenne!)


Blueberry is BACK IN!


12 ounce cups to go $3.25

16 ounce cups to go $4.00

32 ounce "baby" growler $8.75 first fill - $6.50 refills

64 ounce growler $15.00 first fill - $12.00 refills

Berry Smoothie

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Whether you're a soccer mom or a health nut, you're sure to love the countless juice flavors and combinations Healthy Habits have available to you. We serve pure, tasty beverages that can pack all of your daily nutrients into a single drink. Stop in for your daily drink and grab another for the road. You'll drive passed all that fast food chains that tempt while contentedly drinking your juice and avoiding the cravings that derail healthy plans. With our juices, you'll find that you don't need processed foods to feel full. Our Juice Bar is now OPEN!  

Our fresh, organic, made-to-order juices are made with extra love and require just a bit of time, so if you are in a rush you can call ahead!  779-423-2461

Our Current Juice Menu Includes:

Oxygen ABC =  Apple - Beet - Carrot - Ginger

Beetnik = Apple - Beet - Carrot - Celery - Spinach - Cabbage

Heart Beet = Beet - Apple - Kale - Celery - Lemon - Ginger

Sweet Greens = Apple - Celery - Spinach - Kale - Cabbage

Green Goddess = Cucumber - Celery - Spinach - Lemon - Ginger - Turmeric (pinch of pepper)

Immunity = Kale - Spinach - Apple - Grapefruit - Celery - Ginger

Good Morning = Spinach - Cucumber - Pineapple - Mint - Lemon - Lime

RAWsome = Kale - Spinach - Apple - Parsley - Celery - Cucumber - Lemon

Spicy Bucha Carrot = Carrot - Ginger - Back East Kombucha

Our delicious, organic juices are sold in cups to go

12 oz. = $6.00   16 oz. = $7.50